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Home /homeMain page

Graphics /home/graphicsBallpoint pen pictures, pencil, ink and other works.

Painting /home/paintingOil, acrylic and watercolor artworks...

Ubo Icons /home/icons-uboIcons drawn with a ballpoint pen, scanned and colored on the computer in Inkscape. This theme is build for *nix-type operating systems but can be used in Web.

Other icons /home/icons-otherIcons from different gaming and other projects created on computer.

Computer Graphics /home/cgVector graphics, 3D graphics, collages and images created using a graphics tablet.

Games /home/gamesGame projects on mobile platforms. Total Defense 3D, Sky Jockeys and other games for iOS, Android and Java.

Web design and UI /home/web-and-uiWebsite design, landing pages and pages for various gaming, and not very projects. Interface design for applications for both stationary computers and mobile platforms.

Photos /home/photosJust photos of different things.

Other Art /home/other-artEverything that does not fit into other sections. Modding, wood carving, clay sculpting...

Downloads /home/downloadsFonts, icons, wallpapers and other downloads.

Contacts /home/contactsIf you wish to contact me, You can send your comments and suggestions to my email, or you can write in the Guest Book.

Guest Book /home/guestbookFor comments and suggestions

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